Fashion and Film: Clueless

It’s safe to say that I have always been obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with 90′s culture. The fashion, the music scene, the films; everything was absolutely perfect. One of my favorite films to come from this era is definitely the cult classic teen comedy Clueless. Based on the life of spoiled California brat Cher Horowitz, the film focuses on Cher’s attempt to make new girl Tai cool with the in crowd all while making everybody else around her happy. While trying her best to the make the world perfect, Cher realizes the type of person she really wants to be all while coming to terms with the complicated things in life. While the film is definitely hilarious and a classic I can watch over and over again, I am absolutely obsessed with the fashion and Cher’s computer generated closet. Below are some of my favorite looks and how you can recreate them this spring season.

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Model Of The Moment: Jourdan Dunn

One of my favorite models whose face you have probably seen everywhere is Jourdan Dunn. Her look is super fierce and she walks the runway and carries photo shoots like she owns the place. Jourdan is known for gracing the Victoria’s Secret runway and for modeling in major fashion magazines. Check out some of her best photo shoots and runway looks below and you’ll see why she is a force in the modeling world.

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6 Flip Flop Alternatives

I get the draw of flip flops, they are easy to toss on, easy to wear, and you do not have to put much thought into them. I understand why people wear them, but I really do not support it. Maybe it is just my personal pet peeve, but the “flip flop” sound made as they smack the bottom of a person’s foot is as bad as nails on a chalkboard. Also, flip flops seem to me to be the “I have given up” shoe, sweatpants for your feet.

Sure, they have their place, when you are at the beach or pool, but outside of those limited times, flip flops should be kept at home. There are so many other sandal options that exist, that take minimal extra effort to put on and actually make the wearer look fashionable. To prove it, here are six sandals that require nothing more than a buckle, if that, to secure it to your foot. 

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Meet Your New (Old) Best Friend: The Backpack

I remember the first year I did not use a backpack for school. It was eighth grade and I thought I was so adult with my big tote bag; I was done with the juvenile backpack, I had evolved. In recent years though, backpacks have evolved too, they have been reintroduced in new materials and styles and have become a highly coveted item. Now, you cannot go shopping without coming across a great backpack, but with so many options, it can be overwhelming. To help you find your perfect backpack, I have a compiled a list of some of the must-have styles below. 

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5 Times Brooklyn Decker Wore It Better

Models are paid to look good, so it’s no surprise when they outshine other starlets in a “who wore it better?” Supermodel and actress, Brooklyn Decker is no stranger to being caught in the same designs as other celebs… but, Brooklyn always wears it better! Seriously — don’t get caught stepping out in the same outfit, she will rock it! Check out 5 times Brooklyn Decker stood out in a sea of sameness.

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7 Formal Spring Dresses Under $120

After the holidays, the winter months tend to become very quiet. Nobody really wants to have a big party when going outside involves five minutes of strategic layering and wrapping. But as soon as the weather begins to warm, the invitations start arriving for everything: weddings, dances, graduations, family events, really any excuse to enjoy the weather. As fun as a party is, dressing for each of them can get costly quickly, especially when formalwear is necessary. 

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7 Must-Have Items To Keep In Your Prom Clutch

Prom is a rite of passage for any teenager and girls take this special occasion very seriously. The dress, the hair, the makeup, your special date — prom takes a lot of planning. Something else that needs planning is figuring out what to bring with you on prom night. What should you put inside your prom clutch? Read more to see what you should not leave your house without on prom night.

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