One of my favorite elements of fashion during any season is accessories. In early 2014 designers gave us an insight to what the hottest trends of Fall 2014 would be, including accessories. I am excited for all of the bold new accessories hitting stores as early as this month; these are the seven pieces I am particularly looking forward to incorporating into my wardrobe this fall.


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Chokers have already made their way onto the necks of fashionistas everywhere, but this 90’s trend will be hitting hard this fall. It was shown on the runways in a variety of styles, from metals to cloth to even statement chokers. There are a variety of styles that you can wear daily from the classic hoop choker to a more glammed up stacked choker.

1. Maison Martin Margiela Choker | 2. Minimal Choker | 3. Melody Ehsani M.E. Ball Choker | 4. Campbell Tower Choker

S T A T E M E N T  J E W E L E R Y

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Statement pieces have already been on trend for several seasons, but huge statement pieces of jewelry were trending during almost every Fall 2014 show. Multiple designers had more than one statement piece being worn at a time, whether it was two huge bangles and drop earrings, or a necklace paired with a statement ring. This breaks the typical statement jewelry code, but paired together every look was flawless. Single statement earrings were popular as well as long chains, large hoops, and layered jewels. For casual wear, pair a single statement piece to dress up a look-don’t choose and two statement pieces too close to each other (ex. wear earrings and a cuff).

1. Dannijo Bella | 2. Future Necklace | 3. Crystal Christine Ring | 4. Versus Gold Cut Out Lion Head Cuff

L O N G  C H A I N S  A N D  P E N D A N T S

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Another style of necklace that I am loving for fall are longer necklaces, including drop pendants and layered chains. Many people began layering their necklaces early last spring, but shown on the runways designers had their necklaces heavily stacked with mixed metals and thicker chains than we’ve seen recently. Pendants have only gotten bigger throughout the years and Fall 2014 will be the biggest yet. This season is the season to wear long necklaces with a huge medallion hanging from the bottom to make a statement. If you enjoy stacking your delicate chain necklaces, you can step up your game by mixing the metals or wearing a longer chain for a more edgy look.

1. Triple Crescent Pendant | 2. Dolce & Gabbana Heart Pendant Necklace | 3. Odyssey Necklace | 4. Heather Hawkins Braid Necklace


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 Floral is usually associated with the spring season, but this year it can be found popping up in several Fall 2014 collections. From scarves to shoes you will be sure to find everything floral printed this fall. To easily incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, go for floral designs that are of darker shades like a plum or navy. If you are a student you can carry a floral backpack, and women can get fancy with a cute pair of flower printed pumps.

1. Dolce & Gabbana Sweatshirt | 2. Burberry London Skirt | 3. Floral Sunglasses | 4. Floral Headband | 5. Floral Canvas Shoes | 6. Steve Madden Groovi Pump | 7. Ted Baker Botanical Bloom Crossbody

T E X T U R E D  S C A R V E S

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Scarves are a must have accessory for me every Fall or Winter season. They keep me warm and can accessorize every outfit. Fall’s new styles such as the blanket scarf are starting to make their way into the every day wardrobe and replace Fall 2013’s cape. Designers accessorized outfits by wearing simple woven scarves like a necklace. (Faux) fur also made a roaring comeback in the form of a scarf. All of these trends can be worn on a daily basis, especially for all of you women who live in a chilly climate.

1. Marc Jacobs Cashmere Blend Scarf | 2. French Connection Liberty Faux Fur | 3. Woven Scarf | 4. Fringeship Scarf | 5. Esprit Jersey Poncho


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A variety of gloves were shown accessorizing every outfit, from menswear inspired outfits, dresses, street wear, and ball gowns. Short gloves, long gloves, and fingerless gloves were all shown, making them seem all appealing. Colors ranged from red to black with designs and styles including embellished gloves, leather gloves, and mittens. With all of the unique designs and colors gloves are being shown in this season, I am beginning to think of gloves like an accessory and not just as a tool for keeping me warm.

1. Mulberry Bow Glove | 2. Etro Gants Long Glove | 3. Markus Lupfer Embellished Gloves | 4. Barney’s Extra Long Fingerless Gloves


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There is no doubt you will be seeing a multitude of new belts hitting the stores for fall. During fashion week designers had belts wrapped around a series of outfits including ball gowns, jumpsuits, coats, and anything that had a waist. Belts will definitely include fall trends and styles including metallics, florals, and heavy detailing. A statement belt is a great way to add detail to a plain outfit by wrapping it around your waist or using it to tie your coat shut. Since neutrals are very popular throughout Fall, you can amp up any outfit or add a pop of color by adding a belt that makes a statement.

1. Mango Patent Skinny Belt | 2. Full Metal Waist Belt | 3. Derek Lam Military Belt | 4. Alexander McQueen Leather Belt | 5. Oscar De La Renta Jeweled Belt | 6. Lanvin Embellished Velvet Belt

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While accessories on the runway can be bold and gaudy, the trends can be subtle and incorporated into your wardrobe daily. I hope these picks were inspirational and got you excited for Fall.

Which Fall 2014 accessory are you most excited about?