I have a confession: I am obsessed with hippie chic. It is one of the most recently resurrected trends that works best in summer and spring, rocked by stars like Vanessa Hudgens. The best part of all? You don’t need to be an A-lister to afford this style. All it takes is four simple essentials to pull off!

Arm Candy 

Hippie chic is all about accessories. The more bracelets, the better! So many stores offer colorful, beaded and vibrant choices. Love Culture has styles that start as low as $7.95. 

Head wraps 

Whether your hair is up, down, curly or straight, a head wrap is a must-have. Check out my affordable favorites at Forever 21!

High-waisted shorts

Combine any of these styles with a pair of high-waisted shorts and you’ll be good to go! I prefer light-wash denim, but you can easily try out any shade or pattern you’d like! H&M has tons to choose from.


Kimonos come in all shapes and sizes, but my favorites are shorter in length. A lot are created with light material, so you’ll be comfortable wearing it all day long! Try Love Culture again for more low-cost varieties!

Lovelies, who's ready to join me and become hippie chic? What are your favorite hippie trends?

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