Summer 2014 is upon us, which means it’s time to break out the bikinis and head to the beach. Every summer a new bikini trend or style is created which is the reason so many girls buy new swimsuits every month in the summertime. Instead of spending money on a new bikini, try out these simple yet unique ways to revamp your old bikinis. You’ll have the perfect summer style at a much cheaper price.

The fringe bikini top is a popular choice this summer and is actually really simple to make! There are two ways to make this bikini, for the first option you will need an old t-shirt, scissors and thread. This first way requires you to sew on the fringe so if you can’t sew you might want to try the second way.

Take an old shirt and cut even sections into the top (make sure you don’t cut all the way and leave space at the top) you may want to go up 3/4 of the way to create a band. Next, take each section and stretch it. This creates a stringy fringe and makes it look much neater. The last step is to take your fringe and sew it on your bikini top!

To create this fringe top without sewing, you will need to buy some fringe trim from your local crafts store, a pair of scissors and some fabric glue. Once you’ve picked out the trim, cut it to fit the bikini top. Next, add some fabric glue to the band of the trim and place it where you want it. I would suggest placing something heavy on top of the bikini to set the fringe and ensure it will stay on.

Studded bikini bandeaus are super cute and trendy this summer. All you will need to create this bikini is a bandeau bikini top and some pyramid studs (you can choose whatever color or size stud). Depending on what kind of stud you get, you may or may not need fabric glue (some studs poke into the fabric). Once you have all your supplies, think of the layout of the studs and how you want your top to look. Once you’ve figured out the design of the studs start gluing or piercing them into the top and you’re done!

To make a bow top bikini you don’t even need an old bikini. All you need is a bandeau, a large bow and fabric glue! Add some fabric glue to the back of the bow and place it on the center of the bikini and let it dry. It’s that simple.

To make a bow bikini bottom just follow the same steps as the bow bikini top.

This is a super easy DIY. Take an old bikini set you have and simply cut out small triangles on the top part of your top and cut side triangles on the sides of your bottom bikini.

Ombre was a really popular trend this year, and now we’re seeing ombre style bikinis. Take an old light colored bikini you already have and a tie dye kit and you are on your way to an ombre bikini. You will need a bikini, tie dye kit, gloves and a spray bottle. Pick the colors you want from the kit and fill them up in the spray bottles as well as with some water. Once you’ve got your bikini colored let it dry for up to six hours.

Lovelies, what’s your favorite bikini trend?

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