There is nothing better than beautiful spring weather. Being able to run errands and head to class in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt is definitely wonderful, but I also like to make sure that I look stylish when getting dressed in the morning. Being in college and waking up early for classes means that sometimes I can get a little lazy with my fashion. However, with a couple statement pieces that are adorable and comfortable, I will be able to to look stylish and stay comfy when heading out the door. Check out some of my favorite street style looks below and get casual-cool inspired.

We all have those days when we're just too tired and want to throw on the first thing we see. Shorts and a t-shirt are always a cute option, however I personally think that if you're going to stick to a classic you need to throw in a little something extra. I love the leather shorts she's rocking in this picture and how she paired it with a black and white graphic t-shirt. The jacket is great addition and will definitely keep you warm in the early morning. If this is too dressy, switch it up a little bit and pair the t-shirt with denim shorts and a black leather jacket.

There will be plenty of sunny and beautiful days, however there are sometimes those gross rainy ones where all you want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. Unfortunately, laying around is not an option and you need to get up and perform your daily activities. A cute way to stay stylish and comfortable in the rain is by wearing an anorak. They come in a variety of colors and they look good when paired with anything. I like wearing mine with a pair of black leggings, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt with the anorak layered on top. Her look is also super stylish and I love how she paired hers with ripped denim and a super chic striped shirt.

The minute the weather gets a little bit warmer I tend to ditch my bottoms and stick with flowy pieces such as dresses. They are so easy to wear because you just throw one on and you're basically out the door. They come in a variety of styles, my personal favorite being the floral babydoll, and can be paired with anything whether it's a denim jacket or a chic pair of sandals. I absolutely am obsessed with how this adorable floral dress was paired with beat up combat boots and classic shades.

Okay, so sometimes you just need to wear the sweatpants with no questions asked. I'll admit there are some morning where the coffee hasn't hit me yet and I just want to wear the first pair of sweatpants I can find. However, you can wear sweatpants and still look incredibly stylish and chic. Various stores such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have come out with printed sweatpants that look adorable when paired with a classic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. I love her slouchy black leather sweatpants and how she paired them with a graphic white t-shirt, classic black jacket and nude pumps.

Lovelies, what do you think of these looks? Do you have casual-cool style?

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