It's safe to say that I have always been obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with 90's culture. The fashion, the music scene, the films; everything was absolutely perfect. One of my favorite films to come from this era is definitely the cult classic teen comedy Clueless. Based on the life of spoiled California brat Cher Horowitz, the film focuses on Cher's attempt to make new girl Tai cool with the in crowd all while making everybody else around her happy. While trying her best to the make the world perfect, Cher realizes the type of person she really wants to be all while coming to terms with the complicated things in life. While the film is definitely hilarious and a classic I can watch over and over again, I am absolutely obsessed with the fashion and Cher's computer generated closet. Below are some of my favorite looks and how you can recreate them this spring season.

The most iconic look from the film are definitely the matching plaid looks that Cher and Dion wore in the first few scenes. This look is very similar to the two piece suits that were on all the spring runaways.

Cher was always known for her classic and preppy style while Dion was definitely a little bit more edgy. Tai was all about the 90's grunge which is definitely one of my favorite looks from that time period.

Gym class in high school was never this stylish. I love the monochromatic black and white looks that each character worn in this scene. It truly represented each character's style whether it was Cher's classic style or Amber's outrageous and over the top looks.

Tai went through quite a style change in the beginning of the movie, but still stayed true to a strong and effortless grunge look. I love how she paired her plaid skirt with a green cardigan and light blue t-shirt. I'm also a huge fan of Dion's exaggerated peter pan collar which is super cool and very in style right now.

Lovelies, what do you think of Clueless? Would you recreate any of these looks?

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