I get the draw of flip flops, they are easy to toss on, easy to wear, and you do not have to put much thought into them. I understand why people wear them, but I really do not support it. Maybe it is just my personal pet peeve, but the “flip flop” sound made as they smack the bottom of a person’s foot is as bad as nails on a chalkboard. Also, flip flops seem to me to be the “I have given up” shoe, sweatpants for your feet.

Sure, they have their place, when you are at the beach or pool, but outside of those limited times, flip flops should be kept at home. There are so many other sandal options that exist, that take minimal extra effort to put on and actually make the wearer look fashionable. To prove it, here are six sandals that require nothing more than a buckle, if that, to secure it to your foot. 

1. BDG Double Strap Slingback Sandal in Black $34

2. Steve Madden Fabio in Cognac Leather $60

3. Aldo Liedolo in Orange $27 (sale)

4. Sol Sana Paige Sandal in Assorted $88

5. Jeffrey Campell Ibiza Metallic Avarca Sandal in Gold $50

6. Steve Madden Gillian in Grey Multi $50 (sale)

How do you feel about flip flops? 

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