Thankfully, the cold weather has finally subsided and the sun is out, slowly bringing the world back to life. As tempting as it is to shove all your jackets in the back of your closet and immediately shed all your layers, most places in North America are not exactly warm enough to go that far. Instead, this early spring weather is the perfect time to embrace light layers and jackets. Last year, the must-have style lightweight coat was the cargo jacket. This year, it is the bomber jacket.

The bomber has had some great moments in the past (The Pink Ladies in Grease and Ryan Gosling in Drive to name a few) and it is back in some incredible textures, prints and colors. This incredibly versatile jacket can be taken preppy when taken in the varsity jacket direction or dressed up casual with sheen and embroidering.

Below are five great, affordable jackets for sale now!

1. Gap Tropical Bomber Jacket in Tropical Leaf Print, $98

2. Topshop Panelled Satin Bomber Jacket in Black, $110

3. Pins And Needles Sunflower Bomber Jacket in Gold, $69

4. Club L Quilted Floral Bomber Jacket in Multi, $47

5. Topshop Satin Embroidered Bomber Jacket in Champagne, $130

Lovelies, will you invest in a bomber jacket this spring?

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