Recently, I have been dress shopping because I'm going to a formal this spring! This is kind of the prom equivalent for college. But, dress shopping in general is so much fun. If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy fantasizing over all the beautiful qualities that make the prettiest of ball gowns.

Sheer tops: I used to think that anything that was high cut was rather cumbersome around my neck, but I've changed my mind to some degree. If there's a dress with a sheer dress, especially one like this with a beautiful floral design women in, then I find it to create a look that is beautifully sophisticated and elegant.

Something pastel: Personally, I prefer light pastels, nudes or darker colors in general. There has been a trend, and I truly don't know why, of florescent, neon dresses for prom. This is not intended to offend anyone, but I find them to be overly show-stopping; it looks like wearing a traffic sign for a dress! Pastels are less blaring, but they are also feminine and easy on the eye.

Beaded: Small beading is something quintessentially beautiful to me! They do weigh down dresses, but this dress, paired with the ballerina nude pink tone, makes for a gown I would love wearing. Beads glitter, but aren't gaudy. What do you think?

Lacy and form-complimenting: This Oscar de la Renta dress is simply gorgeous. I would have to have died and gone to heaven if I were given the opportunity to wear such a jaw-dropping piece of work! I love lace, especially when it is real and not simply a patterned piece of fabric. Also, finding a dress shape (a-line, trumpet, mermaid, etc.) that works for your body is definitely the biggest key item to look for.

Something Ethereal, or Unique: While I don't think I would buy this dress, there are certain qualities of it that I really love. Firstly, this is a gown that isn't going to be found just anywhere. It's unique and while neutrally toned, still catches the eye. I love the (chiffon?) that creates a mystical look at the bottom, and the intricate beaded detail, as well as the lace details on the shoulders and down the sides of the dress.

Lovelies, what do you look for in a special occasion dress?

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