After the snowstorm that hit New Jersey earlier in the week it's safe to say that I'm done with this frigid weather. I'm done with layers and sweaters and can't wait until all I need is a light jacket to stay warm. Spring is right around the corner and as I prepare for the seasons to change, I begin to think about what I want to wear this upcoming Spring. I tend to wear all black and neutrals but this Spring I think it's time to change it up a little and incorporate a little bit of color into my wardrobe. Below are some of my top looks that not only use a splash of color, but are also fashionable and still fit my style.

Blue never looked so good! I love how she incorporates a pop of color into her outfit with the bright blue blazer that is the focal point of the outfit. She keeps the rest of her look polished with a crisp white button up and black pants that could be worn anywhere. I also love how she accessorizes with a big black bag and a chain necklace that is edgy and fun. If you're like me and finally giving color a try, a great way to use it in your wardrobe is by buying one stand out piece that will basically go with anything. 

So there may be a lot of neutral colors in this outfit but hey it's baby steps for me. Her plain creme sweater looks absolutely perfect paired with this paisley print skirt. I love the crinkled look of the skirt and how there are colors in the skirt but they don't overwhelm the skirt entirely. When starting to wear color don't dive in and just throw a million colors on, take it one step at a time and slowly throw some color into your wardrobe. The black studded bag and black rose adorned sun glasses are the perfect touch to this fun Spring look.

One of my favorite parts of the warm Spring weather is that I can finally wear dresses. The cosmic print of this fun and fitted dress is definitely on trend and super chic. I also love how the dress isn't entirely neutral colors and that there are bits of color throughout the dress. Although it's hard for me to wear color because I tend to lean towards neutrals, I would definitely wear this dress and maybe switch out the fun open toe black booties for a pair of colorful heels. 

So fresh and ready for Spring! I love the flowy material of this bright red skirt and by pairing it with this cutoff denim shirt it creates a polished and chic look. What really makes this outfit pop however is her amazing lime green gem necklace which looks great against the blue denim and acts as neutral with the bright skirt. Although plain flats are also a cute option, I also think this look would be super cute with a pair of cute lace up sneakers or even a pair of sandals. You can also transform this look into a night time look by adding a cropped black tank and some cute chunky heels.

Lovelies, what do you think of these looks? Do you like wearing color? How do you incorporate it into your look?

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