When it comes to spring time, all I can think about are skirts (no tights- is there such a possibility?) sandals and sundresses! I absolutely love the idea of snagging a few longer skirts for many reasons. The extra coverage is a confidence booster for me because I don't have to worry about making sure I'm decent in public all the time. And, the look is entirely different from short skirts — more relaxed and freeing.

Imagine waking up in Italy somewhere in a couple months, and putting on this mint polka dot skirt and some heels to go dine out for lunch with your Italian friends…perfect, much?? Apparently showing more skin is an American thing and Europeans cover more skin as an effort towards common decency. Does anyone have any input if my hearsay is myth or general truth?

Love the colors in this beautiful Ikebana for All Skirt in Floral from Modcloth. Mustard yellow has been the apple of my eye for quite a while. I even bought a mustard yellow print laptop case from Etsy just so I could pacify my yearnings!

I love the idea of sandals and socks, as nerdy as that is! This cute calf length denim skirt would be so fun to wear with any kind of patterned tops- floral, polka dot, you name it. It fits at the waist too, which I love because it flatters the figure so much!

This is the perfect length for an easy outfit to wear around campus. And the peach colored lace-trimmed skirt from Forever 21 is airy and light- perfect for spring time!

I would adore having the Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Stem Green from Modcloth because it is perfectly vintage, comfy and elegant.  Plus, it looks like it has pockets. Are you not sold?

Lovelies, what are your spring fashion cravings?

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