Growing up, I have associated gold jewelry with that notorious decade of big frizzled hair and exaggerated shoulder pads. But recently, my mindset has been changing. I see now that gold jewelry can be classy and even some of those retro pieces I begged my mom to give away can be used in fresh and new ways if used correctly. I have joined the trend, receiving a gold elephant necklace for Christmas! Here are a few cute ways our Lovelies can incorporate gold into their wardrobe...

Doesn't she look glamorous? I love how she is wearing a nude lacy top because the spike necklace and studs accent her look more than any sterling silver could do.  And of course, the bold red lips bring out the rose tones her gold jewelry holds as well. Winter wonderland glamour, in one shot!

J. Crew is in on it, too! This beautiful piece is labeled pearl tassel necklace and is a spin on the classic pearls we associate with perhaps the 1950s era. Another great option, and this is perhaps better for a special occasion rather than any day you are walking out the door. The best part is, it's on sale right now from $45 to $35. Beautiful, classy, elegant.

I LOVE this bracelet because it has a leaf design and for some reason I am obsessed with the idea of nature represented in jewelry. This could easily match the necklace above but it could also just be for an ordinary day where you want to feel a little more sparkly and glamorous. You can find this lake tahoe leaf bangle at Francesca's  for $9. When it comes to jewelry, from a nice store like Francesca's, that's a bargain!

For the longest time, I was afraid/intimidated by gold jewelry because I associated it with a notorious fashion era. But things are changing all the time!

Do you like gold jewelry more than silver? What's your favorite gold item in your wardrobe?

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