I made a resolution this year to get a little better with my camera. And after seeing these amazing vintage fashion photographs, I’m definitely feeling inspired to start snapping pictures at work and just editing away! Here are a few of my absolute favorites… 

I’m loving this photograph from Vogue UK, 1969. I love the movement!

I’m a huge fan of geometric pattern, and this contrast is so much fun.

Any kind of action photo is right up my alley — it’s so much more lively than someone striking a pose.

And with that being said, this movement with these stripes just fills me with joy. It’s such a carefree, lively photograph!

Contrasting tights, don’t mind if I do! I love the way that she’s posed in this photograph too — the patterns contrast, but the directions that her body is taking with her top half and bottom half make for an interesting contrast, as well.

Which image is your favorite? What’s your favorite kind of fashion photography?

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