Forever 21 is known for their low prices and trendy styles and it is one of my favorite stores to shop at for those reasons exactly! However, because of their affordability, most of their items are not the best quality and this turns off a lot of customers. Thankfully, their exclusive line Love 21 provides classier and higher quality clothes while still keeping prices reasonable. 

Love 21 offers a lot of great pieces that you could wear to the office or a job interview. Their clothes are made to be a bit more conservative than what you'd find throughout the rest of the store and they are tailored to look more sophisticated. This grey blazer is a wardrobe staple because it will go with many things you already own and it can be dressed up or down!

The peplum is one of my favorite trends! It looks great on most body types and adds a bit of a feminine flair. Especially for those of us that are curvier, it does wonders for the figure! This dress would be ideal for anything that calls for conservative attire. The red is also a nice pop of color because you don't have to look boring to be professional!

There is no shortage of cute blouses from Love 21 and a nice chiffon blouse always adds class to an outfit! This blouse is super classy with the black and white and I am still loving the pussybow look! So ladylike! Their style varies to accommodate for different types of fashionistas which is great. From boho to classic streamlined, there's a top for you. Since their clothes are just slightly more expensive than the normal Forever 21 clothes, you can count on these blouses being better quality.

I'm a sucker for anything glitter or metallic so these shorts are great! You can wear them out to dinner or a night with friends and not have to worry about any indecent exposure like you would in a skirt. Pair them with some black tights during the colder months so that you can get year round usage. A cream colored blouse like the model is wearing looks great with these shorts!

Look fabulous during the cold season with this fur-trimmed vest! It can be a bit difficult to look stylish while also trying to stay warm but this piece gives you both. I like the neutral color and the fur because it kind of makes you look like a diva. The drawstring can be pulled tight to enhance the figure or left loose for a lazy day when you just want to wear baggy clothes.

Find all of the cute stuff this line has to offer here!

Lovelies, do you ever shop Love 21?