There's a common misconception that being stylish takes a lot of time and effort which results in many people saying they're too busy to look put together. This is not true! You can look like a fashionista and still be casual and comfy, without having to spend too much time.  A few simple tricks will help you look dressed up even on your lazy days.

Take the classic jeans and a tee look and kick it up a notch! A blazer and some heels will make it look chic but keep the comfiness factor so you can still go about your day. Think of this next time you are feeling too lazy to get dressed up. Most of the time, adding a blazer to your casual outfit will look cute and a little more dressy. Accessorizing is another way to make your look stylish with minimal effort. Add a statement necklace or a purse in a bold color to give your outfit that extra bit of pizzazz.

Layering always makes it look like you put more effort into an outfit than you really did. I love a chambray top with a sweater over it; so cute and so comfy! Any button down will work and I usually stick with a high-neck sweater because it looks more clean cut. Have fun with what you pair together! Mix patterns and colors or keep it simple with black and white.

Having one of those days where you slept through 3 alarms? It happens to the best of us but no need to be frantic. Throw on a cute jacket over a simple pair of pants and a blouse and you're ready to go. A hat will cover up that hair you didn't have time to style and make you look chic at the same time. Keeping it neutral when you're in a rush is a good way to avoid some mismatching mishaps.  Your outfit doesn't have to be elaborate to be stylish! Heels or some cute booties will also make your look more dressy.

You can really have some fun dressing up your casual pieces. Pair things you wouldn't necessarily go for instinctively and mix-and-match pieces in your closet. You'll be surprised at how many more outfits you can create from your existing wardrobe. A graphic top with a leather skirt is both comfy and edgy; I love the look! It only takes a few minutes to create a casual chic look so even the laziest days can be stylish days!

Lovelies, what do you wear on your lazy days?

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