Leather pants are one way to really make your look super trendy. They are both edgy and classy, plus there are tons of different ways they can be worn. It took me a while to embrace this trend but I'm glad I did because it's great! If you're still on the fence, here are some looks that really made me love them and perhaps will have the same effect on you. 

Pants that have a leather strip or are half leather and half something else are a good way to test the waters with this trend. They provide a good amount of stretch and are a nice touch to your look if you're not looking to rock leather pants yourself. You really can't go wrong by wearing them with a nice blouse and even throwing on a leather jacket on top! Fashionistas from all over are loving leather on leather.

Rocking some leather pants is a great way to jazz up a casual look. I love the Chucks with the leather pants and a simple casual tee. Definitely not your same old lazy day outfit. You can look trendy and edgy without really doing all that much, gotta love that! This works well for an easy day-to-night outfit too; switch the Converse for some heels and the button down for a blazer and you're ready for a night out.

Those big comfy sweaters can sometimes be lacking in the style department but pairing them with leather pants will up the trendy factor. Throw on some heels to make your legs look extra long too! Both pieces will keep you nice and warm during the winter too, making them a bit more functional! The sweater tucked into the front of the pants also helps to avoid the shapeless look.

This style choice may seem a bit out there and edgy; perhaps it reminds us of those old bikers we always see. But clearly leather pants are much more versatile than you might have thought! A flowy blouse and some heels keep your look feminine, even when you're wearing a more wild pair of pants. Don't be afraid to mix different looks and styles! You'd be surprised what looks good when paired together.

Lovelies, what do you think of leather pants?

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