In recent years, Miranda Kerr has become one of the most beloved models to grace a runway. She is absolutely gorgeous and so very stunning in everything she does. Not only does she have the looks, but she has the style! Miranda stays looking trendy and fresh with her flattering outfit choices and even being a busy mom has not stopped her from always looking put together.

Of course we must commend Miranda on her career as a Victoria's Secret Angel, where she got her rise to fame. I look forward to seeing what over-the-top looks they have the models wear every year and she always amazing! I can only hope to look half as good as she looks when I'm a mom! She rocked the VS runway many times and has been one of the faces of the brand for years, although no longer involved with the company. She has also worked with Maybelline, hoards of top designers and created her own skincare line, Kora Organics.

Off the runway Miranda looks just as fabulous, even in her daily casual wear. She manages to give casual a cute twist and it works perfectly for her! I love a jean jacket and advise everyone to invest in one. It goes with everything and one like Miranda's with the stud detailing is a wonderful piece to own. And a simple button-up collared blouse is a good way to look crisp and classy!

Although the Australian beauty does not need the makeup, it is always perfectly done. She never has too much and the red lip is often times her go-to (smart choice, it looks great!) I love that she opts for a fresh and clean look because that's how makeup should be. Have fun with some bold lipstick but don't make your face look fake. Enhance the beauty you already have! When looking for a makeup inspiration, type in her name and see some great looks.

I must say I don't think I've ever seen a bad picture of Miranda. Even out and about with paparazzi storming, she manages to look calm and flawless. I love her statement blouse paired with classic jeans; such a simple outfit choice but so well done! And the pop of color with the bag is refreshing and youthful. Miranda Kerr is another celebrity that we can learn from with her consistently put together style!

Lovelies, are you a fan of Ms. Kerr?

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