A glitter lover like myself was so excited to find this craft! Especially for those of us that already have one too many pairs of shoes, it is the perfect way to recycle old heels that have seen better days and save yourself some money. You'll have more money in your pocket but still have a new pair of shoes; perfect! It is one of the easiest crafts ever so don't be intimidated to try it.


Here is an easy step by step tutorial!

So quick and simple, you can even make it an event with friends. Get your girlfriends to gather up their old shoes that need a makeover and do it together, perhaps over some snacks and drinks. You'll feel accomplished and get to bond with your friends!

Only three supplies are required, and if you've crafted recently, you may already have them! All you really need some Mod Podge to serve as the glue and your choice of glitter, which can be found at your local craft store. You can play around with designs since you don't have to cover the whole shoe in glitter. Make it fit into your style and taste! That's the fun of crafting: you make it your own.

One option that's a little different is adding glitter to just the soles of the shoes. Another super easy tutorial can be found here. That will give your favorite heels a glamorous twist without being too flashy! They can serve as a festive accessory for your holiday parties and other events year round.

Lovelies, do you think you will give this craft a try?

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