Technology is not something you may associate with fashion or being glamorous. But since it has become an essential part of everyone's lives, designers are taking notice and putting out more and more tech accessories. Now fashionistas and tech geeks alike can be both practical and stylish. Here's a list of cool and trendy tech gifts that you might want to add to your list!

These are an absolute necessity for the cold months: tech gloves! One should not have to risk frost bite to reply to a friend's text message and nowadays you don't have to anymore. These are not your average gloves because unlike the regular kind, they allow you to use your phone and keep cozy at the same time. Your smartphone will be able to detect your touch and you won't be taking your gloves off every few minutes. One less inconvenience!

How adorable is this Kate Spade USB drive? I love it! USB drives have come a long way and this is definitely not your boring old one. You can slip it in your purse just in case you need it for work or school, plus you are sure to get noticed with this stylish accessory.

With the help of apps such as Instagram, everyone is honing in on their photography skills. I myself love snapping pictures of cool things I see everyday and would love to own this specific techy gift. It is a set of filters that attaches to your phone like a case and goes over your camera lens. Amateur photographers are going to love getting creative with this! 

This tech gift is pretty hilarious but also very useful, if we're being honest here. I can appreciate a good selfie and I can also appreciate the hard work it takes to get the perfect shot. This smartphone add-on will help take some of the stress off when taking pictures and your friends will probably get a kick out of it!

Lovelies, would you use any of these tech gifts?

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