I am a huge fan of purses. Ever since I bought my first purse at eleven, I’ve been obsessed with designers, new styles, brands and more. Considering the fact that some of the purses I love and want the most are rather expensive, they are on a wish list, rather than in my closet. Being in college and paying for graduate school applications, my money isn’t going towards a new designer bag at the moment. But if I were to buy a bag, it would be one of these five for sure.

1. Louis Vuitton

This purse is amazing.The Brea GM comes in three stylish colors to make you love your Louis Vuitton purse no matter what ensemble and base colors you wear. You can buy it online through the official Louis Vuitton website for $2,800.00.

2. Gucci

I am in love with this sukey tote bag. This purse is available through the Gucci website for $1,630.00. I think that the handles drew me in. Personally, I toss my purse over my shoulder, so I don’t know how practical this purse would be, I just know how beautiful it would be.

3. Burberry

I cannot overlook my long time love of Burberry. This metallic shoulder bag is available online through Burberry for $1,995.00. The golden color caught my eye immediately. You cannot go wrong with Burberry though, no matter what color or style you choose.

4. Coach

For $398 you can own this beautiful blue tote entitled, “large city tote in saffiano leather.” The official Coach website shows all the different angles and reasons to love this purse.

5. Prada

Apparently, I’m still a fan of gold purses. This tote from Prada will cost $1,650.00. I find this purse simply stunning.

6. Fendi 

I saved the best for last. This is the ultimate dream purse as far as I’m concerned. I love everything about this bag, the color, cut, shape, style, every minute aspect of this bag is perfection. It would cost me $2,260.00 through the Fendi website to achieve my dream.

Clearly, I have expensive dreams, but hopefully someday these dreams will be a reality.

What are your dream designer bags? Are you also dreaming about these purses? 

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