In case anybody missed it, Madewell previewed their Spring 2014 collection last week in New York City. Madewell, owned by parent company J.Crew, has been one of my staple stores since its transformation from just a denim label to a full-fledge store in 2006. The effortless-chic vibe of the brand is what draws me to shop their regularly. While many of their clothes are simple, they are easy to layer - something that is particularly ideal for the fall and winter. However, their new designer Somsack Sikhounmuong seems to know what he is in this wonderful and beautiful collection. This was the designer's first Madewell appearance, although he had previously been designing for J.Crew for the last 12 years. [via Madewell Musings]

How could you not love this printed black and white tribal ankle strap heels? It is not even November and I am lusting for spring just looking at these. Also among the collection were awesome plaids, jean vets, and more tribal inspired accessories. According to an interview with Sikhounmuong on his goal of his first collection was to "find the perfect dream wardrobe for our girl." [via New York Magazine]. Well I am pretty sure you did it. If you are as into this collection as I am, check out Madewell's Instagram for more sneak peaks into the spring 2014 collection.

Lovelies, what do you think of Madewell's newest collection and head designer?

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