I have had quite a few phone cases through the years, either because I somehow managed to break one or got bored with another after a few weeks. An iPhone case is like a blank canvas where you can reflect your own personal style and fashion sense on. When it comes to iPhone cases, just about anything goes so I am gonna show you Lovelies a few cases worth trying out.

The Studded Case. A perfect choice for the more edgy Lovely. Studded iPhone cases come in many colors, from white and gold, black and gold or beyond. I personally like the studded case because it can add a little extra something to your daily ensemble. I also find it to be chic because while different the case manages to maintain classic style. It is a little out there without being too in your face. If any of you Lovelies like this look, Urban Outfitters have excellent choices in all things studded.

The Aztec Case. This case screams style and craziness (the good kind). I am a fan of tribal prints and have been for a long time, especially in iPhone cases. All the colors and the boldness make for a perfect accessory for any Lovely and her iPhone. While I have yet to find one of these iPhone cases that last a long time (well if you think in terms of the lifespan of an Otterbox case) its worth it for the statement. If you Lovelies like the Aztec, check out the prints on Society6.com.

The Leopard Case. Another fabulous and fun print for a Lovely to cover her iPhone with. This case is a popular one and I see it often. It's flirty and funky nature make it worth giving a shot. Leopard print is still a big trend this season so take advantage of it while you can Lovelies and try out the leopard iPhone case from J. Crew or Kate Spade.

The Flower. A more girly and delicate take on the iPhone case. Still chic, these type of cases have a lighter touch and are for those Lovelies with a more romantic style. I have had my eyes on a few flowery cases for a while now and I have to say there are many to choose from much like the aztec print. If any of you Lovelies need a suggestion or two, try out Cath Kidston's collection or Marc Jacobs.

Lovelies, what is your favorite type of iPhone case?

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