In Marfa, Texas exists an interesting art installation. Marfa, a lightly populated desert town, is the home to a Prada store that doesn’t sell anything! This art installation was set up by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset in 2005 but today, in 2013, Texas Department of Transportation has determined that this building is “Illegal outdoor advertising”. The ultimate Facebook cover photo might be leaving the desert landscape!

It should be noted that the Prada ‘store’ is technically on private property but the claim is that this might be in violation of the 1965 Highway Beautifications Act. Though, if the sign is advertising anything, it is advertising Marfa, Texas! Beyonce herself has recently taken a photo there. It seems strange that Marfa is acting out years after its installation.

The Prada Marfa Store installation was not commissioned by Miuccia Prada. She did give permission for its usage though and even picked out the 20 shoes that sit in the front window.

I have not heard of Marfa, Texas until this summer while I was watching the Cooking Channel show, Tripping Out With Alie and Georgia. My mind was blown by this quaint town, which is saying something because I grew up on a dirt road. This town has sense been mentioned on various occasions online including articles on Lovelyish.

I hope that Marfa decides to keep the Prada art display espesscially because it really belongs to the town’s personallity at this point.

Lovelies, do you think the Prada store is a form of advertising and therefore, illegal? 

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