At New York Fashion Week, a prevalent trend seems to something that everyone can pull off! Braids are everywhere and it seems like they are something Lovelies can easily do without too much product or fuss. Of course, braids have always been a trend but seeing them in full force at NYFW makes the usual runway looks more approachable for the casual fashionista to try out.

Braids can vary in their range of ‘easy to pull off’. One look that is definitely on the easiest side of the spectrum was represented at Karen Walker’s show. There, models wore a natural wavy look with random braids inserted. This look has a more hippie and gypsy vibe according to hairstylist Laurent Philippon.

Of course on the other spectrum, Rebecca Minkoff’s complicated Frida Kahlo hairstyle accompanied a ready to wear ensemble of clothes. Her Latin American inspired collection showed off bright colors that are reminiscent of a bohemian look. While this look is slightly more complicated, many tutorials such as this one has made easy step by step instructions for the look.

The braid theme isn’t only reflected in model’s luscious locks, but also in different outfits such as Marc Jacobs’ officer jackets with fringes and braids. His fashion has always brought a sense of drama and edge to the world and this confirms that braids are in for Spring 2014.

Lovelies, how will you be wearing your hair for Spring?

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