When it comes to fashion, there are some rules but to keep progressing and changing, those rules are broken. With Labor Day already upon us, so is one of the arguably most known fashion rule in history: Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Some rules are important to keep in mind but if you know what you’re doing, you can really stand out with your sense of style if you disregard them. 

1. Sequins are only for night time.

If you’re nervous about wearing glittery things during the day, shoes might be a great option to add a little sparkle to your day to day life without being over powering. Sequin shoes can make an outfit with jeans and a t-shirt a lot more fun.

A sequin collar necklace is unassuming enough that it can be worn in the workplace. This chic addition is unexpected and fun without being exclusively for the bar scene.

2. Don't mix black and brown, or navy.

The trick to this look is making it very apparent what look you’re going for. If the only brown piece of your outfit is your shoes and the rest is brown, perhaps that’s not the way to go. Instead, try finding pieces that equality show off both color or making the two colors reoccur in different pieces of your ensemble.

3. Don’t wear red lipstick during the day.

Looking great with red lipstick isn’t a mistake. There are literally thousands of shades of reds out there and it just takes a little bit of experimenting to find out what looks best on you. Some say that certain tones look best for specific skin colors but others recommend a contrasting look. When you finally find the right tone, show it off! Red lipstick can be paired with a simple look like grays and denims for the denim to take a casual look to the next level with ease. A tom-boy look or sporty look would be a great contrast to red lips at your next lunch date. If red lipstick intimidates you, perhaps try a red lip stain.

4. Don’t mix silver and gold.

The trick with silver and gold is to intermingle the colors. Don’t wear gold bracelets on one hand and silver on the other. Make them random! A lot of jewelry intermingles both and you shouldn't be afraid to wear it. It’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of other options exist to the silver and gold phenomenon like copper and brass.

5. Don’t mix patterns

This takes a little pre-planning. In my opinion, the best way to pull this off is to have a common theme whether it be all different floral fabrics or similar colors and accessories. Lately though, stripes have been treated as a neutral type of look and are an easier way to make the mixed pattern look happen.

6. Your belt and shoes must match.

While sometimes this may look weird if you’re wearing a work suit is fun to step outside of the box of only brown and black. Instead, try having really fun shoes like bright blues and pinks and pairing that with something completely different for your belt for a fun color pop to your outfit.

7. Don’t wear horizontal stripes.

While I admit that sometimes red horizontal stripes may be reminiscent of Where’s Waldo, horizontal stripes are an extremely stylish look. Something to keep in mind would be to keep the stripes thinner and my favorite colors are white and navy. This look is more French and nautical in nature which is why I and the rest of Pinterest are obsessed with this style. Paired with crop jeans, you can’t go wrong.

8. You can't wear open toed shoes and hosiery.

This look is the perfect transition from summer to fall and should not be forgone because of a lame rule somebody made up. There are a few things to keep in mind though. The hosiery you wear with your open toed shoes cannot be sheer. This look has to be intentional. Keep in mind though that bright leggings will draw attention to your legs another option is to wear black hosiery with bright shoes.

9. Don’t wear red with pink.

You know why wearing red and pink should be allowed? Because there is already a whole type of look devoted to this idea: color blocking. The red and pink color combo is one of my favorites because it’s so girly and chic at the same time. Pairing with neutrals like white or black can make this look more approachable.

10. Don’t wear white after Labor Day.

This rule has many rumors in its origin. One of those is that the practicality of wearing white after Labor Day is slightly diminished with the changing weather. Perhaps, if it’s raining or snowing white might not be the best option but even Coco Chanel made it a point to wear white as a staple color year round. If anything, be able to wear white gives you an excuse to buy that super cute rain jacket you were eyeing the other day.

What antiquated fashion rules have you broken?

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