I love the fall. I love the colors, the crisp air and Halloween. Of course the change in weather means a  change in wardrobe. By November I'm usually full on rocking my Fall/ Winter wardrobe sans my puffy coat. While I like to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe each season, I like to do it on the cheap (and I mean super cheap). Of course you'll need to start with some solid basics like a pair or two of skinny jeans, a quality pair of black leggings (my fav are Ann Taylor's leggings), a few black tanks, a comfy pair of ridding boots and a blazer. With a solid wardrobe foundation like that, you'll be able to run out the door in the morning looking put together without much effort (and you'll be comfy through long lectures and library nights). With just a few more cheap items you will be able throw some effortless fall pizazz to your ensembles.

My ultimate not so secret weapon for updating my fall wardrobe is my favorite thrift store. Chances are even if there isn't a thrift store in your town, there's one not to far from you. To save yourself sometime weeding out the less than stellar shops, look up reviews before going.

From there I check out the websites of some of my favorite stores before I go and and make a mental wish list. For example with a look through Urban Outfitters site, my wish list consists of oversized sweaters, flannel, and wonky graphic tees. Also since it's going to be a new school year, I'll look for some tops and skirts to wear when I go out on the town.

Okay, list in hand it's time to head to the thrift store. While the musty smell of old clothes doesn't make for as nice of a shopping experience as heading to a mall, it's worth it I promise. With a list in hand, you're shopping experience will be less stressful, so go ahead and dive in. Some tips to remember when thrifting is if you have the time, look through all sizes. I find this especially important when buying items like oversized sweaters. A knit sweater a few sizes too big easily mimics styles being sold in shops now. Deals are to be found — for example, the last time I went thrifting I got a few cozy sweaters for no more than 4 dollars a piece. Even better than how cozy and on trend they look? They're better quality than the 80 dollar sweaters I've seen at American Apparel and Urban.

As always don't neglect the accessories. When it get's super cold out, I'm wearing a fun scarf everyday. I find that even a gauzy summer scarf (you know if it's not neon) wrapped around my neck even makes a difference. I recently discovered that Old Navy has an awesome selection of scarfs for affordable prices.

Lovelies, how do you update your wardrobe?

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