As some of you may know — I love thrifting. I draw my inspiration from shops like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and my peers. I've always loved the thrill of the hunt and that awesome feeling when someone compliments a thrifted item. Maybe it's just me but I love responding with a "Thank you! It only cost like three dollars." Yes, I proudly let people know that when it comes to clothes, mine are not only cute but cheap!

Here's a few awesome thrift blogs to inspire you to hit up your local second hand shop.

1. Grand Theft Thrift: This fashion blogger mixes old and new to make some interesting outfits. Her inspiration, Japanese fashion, is obvious throughout her kawaii looks.

2. Adventures of Two (Pyrex Crazy) Thrifting Sisters (and Their Sidekick, Maddie): This is the blog of two thrifting sisters who seek out some of the coolest vintage house wares. Lucky for us, they share pictures of everything they find! When I finally get my own place I will for sure use their blog as decoration inspiration!

3. Thrift and Shout: Full of outfit of the day posts, I could flip through this blog for hours. Blogger Lindsey Turner has a skill of fashionably rocking all thrifted outfits. Bonus: she adds up the price of all of her outfits!

4. The Thrift Collective: This is a blog made up of the thrifted finds of various bloggers. That way you have pages on pages of inspiration from some awesome bloggers all in one place.

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