Gatsby is back and bigger than ever. The great American novel is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and L.A. based Wildfox Couture, a vintage-inspired knitwear brand, is jumping on the yellow Rolls-Royce bandwagon. They recently released a sneak peek of their spectacular Fall 2013 collection which all modern Daisy Buchanans should be dying to get their hands on!

Wildfox Couture founder and designer Kimberley Gordon describes the inspiration for the collection by saying, “It's amazing how we are approaching the 20's again, but for our generation! I was really inspired by this decade for the first time in my life. Generally, I'd found the subject a bit dull, but after re-reading The Great Gatsby I realized it really felt so Wildfox! Parties all the time, driving into town, spending money, falling in love, big mansions and gardens, the ocean, brewing your own alcohol, best friends and broken hearts... it's just so amazingly fun. It was all sparkle, true love, dancing and champagne!

The collection mixes '20s iconic looks like embellished headwraps and sequin details with printed tees like the above, the '20s version of the ironic hipster tee.

Wildfox's knitwear is often a focal point of its collections and these not-so-subtle sweaters mesh perfectly with the glamourous, yet fun collection.

A collection touting the virtues of pankcakes, parties and cat tees? Consider me a fan! [via ILoveWildfox]

Be sure to look at the rest of the gorgeous shoot here!

Also check out Wildfox's White Label Fall Collection which is Gatsby-inspired, as well.

Lovelies, are you a fan of Wildfox's newest collection? Are you excited about the new crop of '20s inspired looks?