Recently, when I was talking to one of my friends from school, she was excited to tell me that she would be interning at Three Jane this fall. I had never heard of the popular jewelry company before she told me about it so obviously I had to check out their site. After looking through all of their cute designs, their Map Necklaces earned themselves a place on my Wish List. 

Three Jane’s Map Necklace is the company’s claim to fame. The design is simple: a little gold plate with the snippet of a map and a location punched with a diamond. Cute right? But wait, it gets cuter. You don’t have to just get something predictable like your home address, you can literally get any location real or fake. They suggest locations like universities, wedding locations, hospitals (new mommies) and storybook locations. Love Harry Potter? How about getting a map necklace with the location of Hogwarts on it? Or one with the location of Jay Gatsby’s house or even Neverland.

Three Jane’s map necklaces are not cheap — one will cost you around $230. While they are not cheap, the map plate is 14k gold and the location marker is a real diamond. I think it’s a nice investment piece.

Lovelies, what do you think of Three Jane’s map necklace? 

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