Floral is a pattern that every fabulous girly girl should have in their closet! I personally love flowers on everything — dresses, skirts, shirts... even my shoes! It makes me feel feminine and adorable. These five floral items are oh so lovely in every way! 


I adore this super feminine circle skirt from Urban Outfitters. I'm in love with girly circle skirts like these — I find them so flattering on everyone. This skirt is so chic in the spring or fall. It reminds me of something that Lauren Conrad would wear — and she would own it.

I'm obsessed with this adorable floral crop top from Forever 21. It's so inexpensive! This top would look so lovely with a white circle skirt or high waisted shorties. I love that it's girly and sexy at the same time.

When it comes to floral rompers, Urban Outfitters represents. I've actually NEVER worn a romper before, but they look so comfy and cute — I need to purchase one ASAP. I love this one.

How freaking cute are these daisy-printed vans? They're so unique and different from the classic vans, which I love! These are perfect for spring and summer.

This floral dress from Oasis is wild. It's like looking at a gorgeous meadow of colorful daisies. This dress would be flattering on every shape and size! 

So Lovelies, what do you think of floral?

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