I'm not a cat lover when it comes to having pets, but when it comes to buying tops, I definitely splurge on my cat shirts. In my college town, many girls and even guys have been wearing them downtown a lot. Who knew that cats could be so fashionable?

1. This cat sweater is adorable. I think the boots, tights, skirt, hat and purse look super sophisticated together. 

2. This other cat tank is precious. I love the biker boots and the flower crown. I would opt for a different color of shorts because it looks a little bit too white.

3. This would be a great shirt to wear when you're running errands. I think it's extra funny because of the small cat images that substitutes the O.

4. I would wear this shirt out anywhere with no sunglasses though. The white torn up shorts go well with the top.

5. I really like the laid back feel of this white tank. The cat image is blown up and is hidden behind the jean jacket, so it looks relaxed and chill.

6. This is my favorite cat tank. I love the circle shades that the cat has on. I don't look good in these types of sunglasses, so obviously the next best thing is for the cat to wear them.

Do you Lovelies wear cat tops? Which is your favorite cat top? Have you ever worn one out t0 a club or bar? 

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