It's time to start accessorizing those pretty fingers of yours, Lovelies! One of the biggest trends in the accessory world right now is overloading on the most coveted rings of yours, one on top of the other. Whoever said less is more was wrong because this season, it's all about the more the merrier when it comes to rings. Move over arm candy — start ring stacking!

I was never one to add more than one ring to a fingers when accessorizing.  I always thought it was a golden rule to only wear one or two rings on separate fingers but boy, was I wrong. I have since started trying my hand at ring stacking and have found it to be really fun. If you haven't given ring stacking a try, my tip is to have one main ring that is bigger than all the rest and to add to that piece with daintier, smaller rings so as to not go overboard with accessories.

If you're lookin' to buy a few stackable rings of your own, some stores and websites have ring sets all ready to go for you! Here are a few of my favorites that I've came upon!

Gradated Stackable Ring Set from Forever21

Gorjana Key & Flower de Lis Stacking Rings from Shopbop

Metal Love Rings by Nasty Gal

Ball Bead Ring set by Forever 21

So what are you waiting for? Get stackin', Lovelies!

Do you 'stack' your rings, Lovelies? What are your thoughts on this trend?

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