We all have that little black dress in our closets that we just adore. The LBD has become a staple piece in every woman's wardrobe since it can be worn for all sorts of occasions. That being said, this means that our fave go-to item definitely gets its wear. So, how do you freshen it up each and every time you rock it? Read on to learn 7 great tips on how to dress up that little black dress!

1. Bold statement accessories
Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! Statement necklace? Throw one on. Bangles? Get that arm candy out! Big chunky, statement accessories such as what is seen on Carly Rae is a great and easy way to update that little black dress of yours. From big earrings, to big necklaces — the possibilities are endless.

2. Tights
In the cooler months, we all still wanna show a little leg even if the weather is telling us otherwise. By rocking a pair of tights, not only will you stay warmer during those black tie affairs, but it adds a level of sophistication to your outfit. Try any color — maroon, blue, red, etc. as they will all look great against that blank (or should I say black) canvas!

3. Bold shoes
The shoe does not have to match the dress. That's the beauty of the LBD! Black really does go with everything. If you wanna stay clear from altering the dress too much or covering it up, choose to add a pair of bold and bright heels such as the ones Kelly Osborne is sporting. The contrast between black and hot pink makes both pieces come together for an awesome look.

4. Belt
Seen here, Kim Kardashian plays up her leather ensemble with a gold embellished belt. A belt adds a little something something to a dress while also defining the waist, giving that hourglass shape. I like to opt for a bright colored belt to contrast with the black as it seems to make the look a bit more playful all around.

5. Knit Sweater/Top
Most people never think of this but if you have a great knit cropped sweater or top, throw it over your LBD and voila! You've updated your look just by throwing on that favorite sweater of yours. Country crooner Taylor Swift did just that and can you say CUTE?!

6. Jacket/Blazer/Vest
A cardigan? A blazer? A vest? How about all of the above? These are all great pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe that can put a fresh spin on your little black dress. Opt for a fun blazer with a cool pattern or print or try a jacket that has an asymmetrical cut for a little something different.

7. Brooch/Pin
Not what many think of when they want to give their LBD new life but you would be surprised how super chic it can look. By adding a small detailed pin or brooch to your gown, you can really do it justice. Michelle William's piece is the finishing touch to what is a very simple LBD. It screams old Hollywood and I love!

My favorite thing about this 'how to' is that most of these tips can totally be used to help you dress up your 'LWD' (aka: little white dress) for the summer too! Talk about doing double duty!

Lovelies, how do you make your LBD new again? What do you do to dress it up?

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