It is officially summer, and I’m feeling like Florence in the dog days. As our pants become shorter and our sleeves go missing, perhaps we can find different ways to show a little modest skin.

Here are a few more pieces to show your modest midriffs and bashful backs.

The side cutouts only accentuate the coolness of the magazine cut-out flowers on this dress.

For the summer nights, this knit top will keep you warm up top, cool in the midriff and super funky on the arms.

I love elephants, and there is little to nothing more joyous in this life than elephants intertwining their trunks. Oh, and the heart cutout on the chest of this blouse is pretty cute, too.

This romper is soft, comfy and roomy, and the fabric will flow freely with the summer breeze.

A simple white blouse is made a little more interesting with an open back on this top.

You will get a few more “Alohas” from the Hawaiian boys in this tie-front dress. I promise the print will not be nearly as corny as this caption, though.

The little open diamond pattern along the midriff makes for a cute little peekaboo in this neon, lacy dress.

What do you think of these cut-out tops and dresses, Lovelies? Would you buy any of these?

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