Art-print dresses seem to be on the rise, if Dolce & Gabbana's new 2013 line debuted in Milan is any indication. I've seen them appearing, although rarely, for a while now, and I think they're absolutely breathtaking. Since fashion is in itself a form of art, how appropriate to take inspiration from the swirling brushes of noted painters. What a beautiful idea to allow the celebrated art that graces the walls of MOMA and the Met to walk out of its two-dimensional existence straight onto the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue!

I recently bought a Philosophy shift dress that looks like it's made of an artist's palette, with different deep-toned hues mixing together. And ever since, I haven't been able to get enough of art-print dresses! They're so unique, and almost guaranteed to be showstopping — portraying the wearer as cultured, intelligent, courageous fashionista with a little bit of spark. Scouring the Internet for more of these cute shift dresses, they seemed to be difficult to find, but there are definitely some Etsy shops that feature them, as well as some of our favorite mall stores may be catching on to this rising trend soon enough.

Van Gogh certainly inspired multiple dresses this season; I wonder if he ever foresaw his masterpieces as wearable fashion destined for the runway as well as the wall. I'm sure if he could see the couture world now, he would be at least a little in awe of the fact that fashion is helping bring his work a wider audience's appreciation.

It all comes down to your style and how you express yourself; just as some wear their favorite band's tee or think of themselves as a certain pre-formed style category, some are now beginning to wear their favorite art as a form of expression. The fashion world remains constant in its attempt to break the constant, continuously trying to strike swiftly off the beaten path in its quest to find the next big thing. And right now, it seems to be art-print dresses.

Lovelies, are you loving the rising trend of art-print dresses? If you could design any dress to honor your dream painting, what would be your inspiration? 

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