I work in retail and when something is quite trendy, many shoppers come in and don't know what to look for when buying such an on trend piece. The maxi trend we all know and love is hot right now. However, I have many girls come in wanting to try a maxi dress or skirt but do not know how to style a maxi piece let alone what to even look for when shopping for such a hot item. With my maxi wearing experience (really, I'm an expert!) let's answer the question of 'what do I look for when shopping for a maxi?'

The advice for what to look for when buying a maxi skirt/dress is very similar to any other item of clothing. However, let's tailor it a bit more to the style of the maxi.

1. Overall Fit

We've all been there. You wear something once and it stretches half a size. You wash it and it shrinks two sizes too small. This can especially be true with maxis if the material has a mix of spandex in it. Most maxi skirts are intended to flow rather than pull. Always double-check the tags for what it is made out of. If you can't decide between two sizes, ask the sales associate as she will likely have the most product knowledge. This Living Doll Cross Maxi skirt is a great example of it hugging in the right places but also being flowy where it needs to be.

2. Length

This is where you have to think of what shoes you will be wearing with your maxi. If it's something for more casual occasions, you might be sporting it with a cute pair of tennis shoes or sandals. If that's that case, make sure your maxi just skims the floor if not a little shorter so that it won't drag. If you are wearing your maxi out for dressier events and plan on wearing pumps or any type of shoe with more of a heel, you could get away with the maxi being a little longer. Opt for a shorter length if you want your feet to show like this Moondance Maxi Dress from Nasty Gal.

3. High or Low Waist?

Where the skirt hits you on your waist is probably most important. Play around with it as some skirts are meant to be worn just at the hips. Skirts such as these often have a wide band to fold over. Other skirts you will find work better when they sit at the smallest part of your waist, or in other words are high-waisted such as this ASOS Aztec print maxi. Make sure again that wherever the piece is sitting that the garment won't stretch in that particular area because nothing is worse than skirt falling right off of you.

Lovelies, what are your thoughts on what to look for when shopping for a trendy piece?

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