Lovelies, have you ever wanted to design your own phone case? Maybe you have a favorite picture  or set  pictures of you and your friends that you want to display on the back of your phone. Or maybe you have a favorite pattern or painting, or even vintage picture that you think would make the perfect phone case. As long as you can save it on your computer, you can make any image you want into a sick phone case!

While I was perusing one of my favorite D.I.Y. sites,, I saw a cool phone case project. Erica (the founder of the site), paired up with the tech case company, Cellairis to create some awesome phone cases using their custom phone case builder, Shout!.

At school I've seen a handful of my sorority sisters sporting custom phone cases. I've seen them use them use their own photos and even their own hand drawn designs on their customized phone cases. While I don't know which sites they used in particular, I know they used sites other than Cellairis. With a quick Google search, you can find many different websites for making customized cases.

Of course I needed to try the Cellairis Shout! maker myself. The picture above is the phone case I made myself! Cute right? At 40 dollars before shipping and tax, this particular case is a bit pricey for my taste so I will not be purchasing one for myself. On the other hand, I could see giving one of these as a gift, which is what I might do for this Fathers Day.

Lovelies, would you make one of these customizable phone cases? 

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