I was never really into zodiac signs until a few years ago, when someone turned to be and exclaimed: "You've got to be an Aries. When is your birthday?!" I looked up my sign and sure enough, it completely describes me. Sure, they can be vague sometimes, and I don't claim to be any kind of zodiac expert, but it is interesting to read horoscopes. So if you're a zodiac enthusiast like me, why not be proud of your sign with some fun zodiac gear? (I'm desperately wishing that these Charlotte Olympia flats were in my budget!) 

This Project Social Zodiac Tye-Dye Tank would be a super fun summer tank top.

This fun Moon Sign book would be the perfect quirky addition to your coffee table, don't you think?

Summer cuffs are so in right now, why not showcase your sign with this Brass Zodiac Cuff Ring?

I may be repping Aries all summer long, you guys — this Zodiac Pyramid Muscle Tank is pretty cute.

Oh my goodness, this Zodiac Glitter is taking me back to my Junior High days — and I mean that in the best way.

I'm loving this Zodiac Dial Watch — such a fun accessory!

What's your sign, Lovelies? Does your sign reflect your personality?