Our summer tops and dresses are now coming installed with modest ventilation, and as the dog days begin to creep in, this is good news for those who wish to stay cool, but classy.

Geometric cut-outs and open backs give our summer ensembles enough edge to attract the boys, but leaves enough to the imagination to keep us mysterious and the male species confused (keep them guessing!). More importantly, though, these styles are crafted to incorporate our skin into the pattern of the fabric. After all, without our glowing, healthy skin wearing such pieces, the garment is not complete, but only a sad piece of fabric on a hanger with a triangle cut into the midriff. Tim Gunn would agree.

Designers seem to tease the existence of our belly button in these baring garments. In fact, they seem to avoid the navel altogether in their cut-outs and patterns. In my mind, this allows for easier transition into life outside of the beach. Although I believe a girl who proudly and modestly displays her belly button in fringe tops and cropped tees in casual situations is a confidence goddess who deserves her own chapter in the New Testament, I am not that. These designs allow me to show skin, but only little by little. Call it my training crop top, if you will.

However, for me at least, these training crop tops need enough substance in the chest area to accommodate my busty bosom. As a full-chested girl, a bra isn’t really an option for me, but more of a permanent fixation on my body. When searching for cut-out blouses and open back tees, I look for those that allow me to wear my Body by Victoria, but keep her hidden.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that keep me cool, but keep me concealed up top.

This tee is ornate with it’s origami-like cross back and classic with its gingham print.

Channel your inner Hannah Horvath in this parrot tie-front romper.

As if The Pretenders aren't totally punk rock as it is, this tee with the cut-out collar and back just seals the deal. Brass in pocket and all.

This brocade cut-out dress is baroque in its design, but super summery in it’s yellow color.

The classic crossover in the back gives this otherwise basic striped tee a light and free feel.

What do you think of these cut-out tops and dresses, Lovelies? Would you buy any of these?

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