The transition into summer can be an awkward one, especially with the weather that we’ve been having this year. Pair that up with a busy schedule and it’s super tough to find something that looks good and is relatively comfortable. This is especially true for days packed with events and the occasional lazy day. Here’s a girly outfit idea that will keep you comfortable and chic during the season transitions and busy times.

Girl on the Go: Girly

My go-to comfy pieces are stretchy black pants and chambray. This is because I don’t own sweat pants. So stretchy black pants make up a nice chunk of my wardrobe. For summer, a sleeveless chambray top like this is cute, and if it’s a bit chilly, it’s easy enough to just add a cute cardigan. Simple nude accessories like these are easy to add in and work with any top and pants combo.

A pair of ballet flats or sandals would totally work, but I’m loving these denim tennis shoes from American Apparel. They add a cute and preppy touch to this look. The best part about this though, is that you can make it as edgy, girly or simple as you’d like by switching up or eliminating the accessories!

Do you have a weekend uniform or go-to for busy/lazy days, Lovelies? Would you wear this look?

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