As I may have mentioned to you Lovelies, I have a wedding to go to this weekend. And it's themed. Now, theme weddings are not really my style, as I think for most weddings, "getting married" is theme enough. But, to each her own, and this wedding's theme is steampunk.

For those of you Lovelies who don't know, steampunk is a style of dress (although some would call it a lifestyle — le sigh) that can also be called neo-Victorian — that is, combining elements of Victorian dress (bustles, shirtwaists, button-up shoes) with slightly more contemporary technical elements of the age (brass, mechanical pieces, gears) into one nerdy amalgam. Listen, I can't really explain it. Here's the Wikipedia page.

On the invitation, it was stated that "Victorian dress may be worn," so my first thought was, "Great." I'm sure you Lovelies are far more prepared than I am, but sorry, I don't have a bustle just lying around my closet. And, if you've ever looked around to find one of these highly-specific creations, you'd know that they're very, very pricey. They're also not super-available anywhere other than Etsy.

So, if I was actually in this wedding, if I could actually wear this again at an occasion that was not Halloween, if money was no object and if I could actually pick something to wear that wasn't just a combination of random things I have in my dresser drawers, these would be some viable options:

KMK Designs via Etsy, $195.

Wallace Playford via Etsy, $325.

Gloomth and the Cult of Melancholy via Etsy, $160.

La Belle Fairy via Etsy, $850.

UglyPuppys via Etsy, $195.

In the end, since I don't have a couple hundred dollars to spend on a wedding that I'm simply attending, I'm going to wear a black corset that I already have from Halloweens past, a black satin circle skirt, a black cardigan, a pair of black stockings, some black lace gloves (also from a few Halloweens ago) and a pair of black Oxford booties. Thank goodness I at least had some foundation pieces!

Lovelies, what do you think of theme weddings?

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