What I'm Wearing

* Vintage navy blue full skirt/maxi dress... seen once here in Jan/09' w/ boots, a sweater and a blazer.
* C&C California sheer button down shirt, tied
* Modern Vintage Iris Bootie
* Vintage bangles
* Vintage Ralph Lauren bag
* Tom Ford cat eyes
* Hair: air-dried
* Title: lyrics from New Order - True Faith

Every time I wear a full/long skirt now I feel like Heidi is going to tell me I look like I'm going to Oktoberfest! But really, I felt more 50's/Guess Ad/farm girl than anything else. When I was a girl -that's what my grandma used to say which always cracked me up, as if she were a boy once... I digress, when I was a little girl, I would only wear dresses. I would NEVER wear pants. Never! It had more to do with the fact that I had a bubble butt and pants never fit me right or felt comfortable than the fact that I was uber girlie HOWEVER, when buying a new dress I pretty much had one rule the dress or skirt had to abide by and that was it HAD TO SPIN! I'm sure I'm not alone in this as many of you have daughters of your own who may be doing the same thing but I would try a dress on and immediately SPIN in the mirror and if it didn't have the right flow, I vetoed it.

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Guest blog submitted by ...love Maegan