I always like to add a little bit of 'extra' details to my outfits, whether it's in the form of fun jewellery, or bright make up. Yesterday was a religious holiday for me, so I was given the opportunity to wear some traditional clothes (itchy) and add some 'extras' to it.

First up, my make up was sent over from Urban Decay, from their Long Lasting range. I'm a massive Urban Decay fan and have a few eyeshadow palettes from them, which I love.

I was sent quite a bit of the make up to try out at Reading, so it was the real test of the make up to see if it really can last all day when there is no real opportunity to re-do. And the answer is yes: the make up did last all day. I didn't take any pictures of it at Reading, sadly, but wore it again yesterday and the make up really is fantastic. Go here to read more...

Have you ever tried Urban Decay products before and did you like them? Do you have certain go to accessories that help make your outfits great?

Guest blog submitted by Hi Fashion