Over the weekend, I was over in Reading, for Reading Festival, with Susie and Fritha. We were lucky that we didn't have to camp out as Susie lives in Reading, so after each day, we were met with a warm house, a nice shower and a comfortable bed.

Outfit-wise, I wasn't anything special and wore pretty much the same thing: a black skirt, a t-shirt and my wellies. I have Wedge Wellies which do look pretty cool and they're really comfortable. I picked them up at a Press Day a few months ago and don't think I could have done Reading without them. Reading really as muddy and wet as they make it out to be.


The Strokes ended the night in style! love Julian Casablancas and have always wanted to see The Strokes live. They lived upto all my expectations and I can honestly say that Julian Casablancas is a musical God. They were so amazing on stage and I'm glad they played more old songs Last Nite was a highlight of their set and they really rocked Reading. It was also amazing when Jarvis Cocker joined them on stage for a legendary and awesome duet.

I gave day 3 a miss as I needed to get home, and felt bad about missing Taking Back Sunday, Muse, Ed Sheeran and Friendly Fires. But hopefully I'll catch them again at some point.

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Have you ever been to a Festival? Would you go?

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