That probably sounds like a huge overstatement, but hear me out.

I pretty much wear belts with all of my outfits, shamelessly. To me, a belt can totally transform an outfit. Ever try on a big, flowing dress that looked awesome on the teeny mannequin only to find that it makes you look like you're just wearing a blob of fabric? A top or dress with too much fabric totally swallows any silhouette of a waist, making you look shapeless and boring. But, just add a belt to a dress that's looking a little too boxy or large, and BAM. Waist definition. It's like magic, my friends.

Not only do belts help define your waist, but they can add a ton of visual interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Belts are actually the perfect way to jazz up your little black dress. Add a belt of any color or print because LBDs match any (well, most) colors. This works with other solid or plain colored dresses, sweaters, or blouses, too. A bright belt is a low-effort way of making an otherwise plain outfit look much more interesting. Low-effort is always good, right?



Maybe you're a little bold like me, and your outfit is already super bright and colorful. A belt can take up the color even more, or you can tone down the color action a notch with a neutral colored belt.



I also use belts to turn dresses into skirts: put a shirt on over a dress, fold the shirt over, and belt at the fold. You can also do it vice-versa: Put a dress on, then layer a skirt of longer length over it. Now you've just gotten multiple uses of your dress. Is there anything you can't do, belts?

Belts definitely run on the cheaper side, too. You can get some really cute ones at our favorite, cheap girly stores like Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe or you can get them at the thrift store. Thrifting belts is perfect for thrift store beginners or haters who aren't quite yet comfortable with the idea of wearing someone's used clothes. At least belts are strictly external. Just wipe them clean with some sanitizer, and you're good to go. I got my favorite genuine leather belt at a thrift store for $1.89! Thrift stores have lots of belt selections from wide, to skinny, to elastic, and they're all usually under $5.

Do you wear belts? What's your go-to accessory?