Italian couture designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana sat down with Harper's Bazaare and revealed some of their top fashion tips for women. Check out a few of them:

1. Wear the right undergarments (especially a bra). Dolce said, "When we dress the model for a show, first we give them the bra, the satin, the lace. It's all about respect for the body. You never see a woman from the south of Italy without a bra. Never!"

2. Try menswear, but remain a lady. Gabbana remarked, "You don't need to lose femininity by wearing a suit, the first thing I think is, 'Is she wearing lace underwear?'"

3. When you wear something revealing, do it with confidence. Dolce told the mag, "It's not about the skin, it's the mind. It's about confidence, but also subtlety. Again, the relationship between mind and body is what's most important."

4. Unique features are sexy. Gabbana said, "Personally, I like women who are not perfect. For example, I love a woman with a real nose. A nose is character. Many women want to change their noses, but for me, I'm fascinated."

5. Stick to the style that works for you. According to Dolce, "When a woman has her style, she knows how to choose what she likes, not what is trendy. When you love what you are wearing, the clothes are alive."

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Do you agree with Dolce and Gabbana, Lovelies? What are your fashion tips?