Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby and Mia Farrow as our gal Daisy in Jack Clayton's 1974 adaptation of The Great Gatsby. The movie was mediocre, but the fashion was insane.

I have a tradition that each summer, just when it starts to get sweltering, I reread F. Scott Fitzgerald’s gorgeous and perfect The Great Gatsby. And every year, when I'm only a few pages in, I start wishing that I were just like Daisy Buchanan: a beautiful little fool whose voice sounded like money (though I could do without the whole Rolls Royce hit-and-run and extramarital affair thing).

At the very least, I’m yearning for effortlessly chic drop-waist summer frocks and perfect little heels. Seeing Alison Pill play the delightfully unhinged Zelda Fitzgerald in Woody Allen’s summer triumph Midnight in Paris has only increased this desire, and if you've seen it or read Gatsby, I'm sure you feel the same way. So here's your guide to looking fancy, Daisy Buchanan-style.

The breezy white dress is the key to Daisy's look, and there are a number of quirky frocks out there that are as easy on the wallet as they are on the eyes. 

This Lace Trim Dress, $17.80 from Forever 21, has a Daisy-approved drop waist and delicate lacy details that will keep you cool and sophisticated.

Esther's Crochet Fringe Tunic, $98.00 from Free People gives the flapper look a rock 'n roll edge that keeps it from looking too costume-y. Also great is this Back-zip sequin shell, $39.99 from J.Crew, below.

It would look dreamy paired with the Wilcox Silk-Cotton Trouser, $109.99 from Rugby. As for shoes, I suggest Sam Edelman's Meadow Mesh Pump, $51.97 from Bloomingdale's.

Though if you don't want to do heels, you can't miss with the boyish charm of a pair of oxfords.

Betsey Johnson Drrew Oxford, $71.96 from Zappos. These have an adorable ballerina-inspired flair and will keep you comfortable for as long as you're tramping around to parties at mansions or brewing bathtub gin.

Does the flapper style of Fitzgerald's 1920s strike a chord with you? Or does this summer have you taking a page from another decade's style?