I need your help.

I am going to a Ke$ha concert on my birthday and I'm trying to come up with an outfit. I have an idea of what I want to wear, but I'm having issues finding the individual pieces. I'm looking for links to sites, suggestions, etc. to help me with the process!

So what I need to find is:

1. Black leather boots with some sort of buckles/studs/chains etc. No heel and preferably around this height. Nothing past mid-calf. And I'm not trying to spend over $100.

2. Some cool band/grungy shirt. I know I could just buy a regular one from like Hot Topic or something, but I want something like how she is wearing in the picture. Off the shoulders, tank top preferably. Either black or dark grey. No colors. And longish--no belly shirts.

3. The jewelry: I love the long necklaces Ke$ha wears. Tribal, feathers, beads, and more. Maybe I can make some? If so, any tips? Also I need some cool bangles/rings and some sweet feather earrings. I guess I'm just looking for a store to browse for this, or maybe I can make them too? 

For shorts I'm just gonna wear some jean shorts and put some rips in them/pull the pockets down so they show beneath the bottom and put some sequins/glittery shit on 'em. Think:


I also need some advice on makeup. Any suggestions on cosmetic glitter? I want some type of bright color, and I need it to stay through sweating. I'm pretty much going for the makeup look she has in the first photo as well--with the glitter covering an eye & dark/smoky eyes. Typical of what I normally do, but just added glitter.

Oh also--what are good brands/types for eyelashes? I've never worn 'em and I can't help but feel a little intimidated.

I've got the hair covered and I'm gonna get these cool feathery looking extensions sporadically placed in my hair. It's gonna be a feathery-glittery-ke$h-fest!

Any other ideas are welcome! I need creativity.