We all know that runway shows are a big, freaking deal and pretty expensive to produce, but we kind of let that stuff fly in our heads with the explanation, "Well, it's fashion." But actually the seeing the approximate numerical cost of the Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 show astounds me: at least $1,750 every second. And the show went on for nine-and-a-half minutes. (FYI: That's about one million dollars for under ten minutes!)


The set was supposedly inspired by a padded cell, necessitating the 20-foot high white, quilted vinyl columns that surrounded the mirrored runway and benches. (1,100 yards of the material had to be FedEx-ed from California because they couldn't find it in New York).

63 outfits were shown, each on a different model. 

About 500 guests, including Leighton Meester, were present at this million dollar show.

50 hairdressers, 35 makeup artists, and 70 dressers were hired as well. 

This is just so much of everything! It's making my head spin.

Do you think the Marc Jacobs show was worth all that dough?