While I am not that well-acquainted with the world of fashion, I would assume that, as with other arts, there's a great deal of allusion going on. Fresh and new takes on old styles abound, in addition to what's genuinely creative.

Back in the 90s, when moderate bell-bottoms (as opposed to extreme ones from the 70s) were in, I would look at older, more adjusted jeans of the 80s and think to myself, "Why would anyone wear something so unflattering?" I was also under the false impression that bell bottoms would never go out of style.

But with the advent of skinny jeans (yes, I know they're not that new either, I'm referring to their immense rise in popularity), which are really just a tighter version of the well-fitted 1980s jeans, I've thought about the fashion cycle even more.

This entry was really sparked by a photograph of Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary, that I found in my textbook for my Native American ethnohistory class. I knew about him before, but this time, upon seeing the photo, my very first thought was "He's wearing SKINNY JEANS!" And right at the turn/beginning of the 20th century, too.

So I wanted to ask what you could think of that has been recycled, or maybe has just persisted from a long time ago. Among all those old reawakened trends, what's actually original?